US President Donald Trump and Melania Trump Positive Covid-19

United States President Donald Trump has reportedly tested positive for the corona virus. On Twitter, he revealed that he and his wife had the virus. 

Previously, Trump's senior assistant and adviser , Hope Hicks, was reported to have tested positive for the corona virus. Therefore, Trump and Melania must undergo self-quarantine.

President Trump announced via his Twitter on Thursday (1/10/2020) that he and his wife had tested for the virus and that while awaiting the results, both are in the process of quarantine. 

In an interview with Fox News , Trump confirmed that Hope Hicks' senior assistant had tested positive for coronavirus. The US President and his wife Melania Trump are now awaiting their own test results. 

After the interview, Trump announced on Twitter that he and Melania Trump would "begin the quarantine process" pending test results. 

Hicks, who reportedly had many opportunities to be close to Trump this week, has been following the US president's work schedule, including his campaign on Wednesday, according to an Associated Press report from an official US government source.

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